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xoxoKayla Elizabeth oooh I have such a crush on you since I first saw you!  You are sooo freaking prettaaay!!  I would kiss your little feet all afternoon, take my time.  In those dark eyes of hers, the world lies.  I’m just really impressed and in awe of her.  Ok i’ll stop being giddy, haha.  She lives in Florida, so I know her feet stink, which is just absolutely delicious.  I love women’s feet that I like, hot and wet.  She seems super spunky and sassy, hence her profile picture!  She’s not “selling” anything, but she’s still a “must see” imho.  If you ever read this Kayla, I made this directory for women like you!  You deserve traffic for putting yourself out there.  You made my day, actually seeing you.

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