The Power of Weight

I am a foot fetishist.  I serve women.  Being “different” in grade school, I was pretty much an outcast other than the other geeky friends that I had.  You know, we were into fighter jets, wrestling, killing shit, you know, just dumb ass kids, haha.  I was happy though.  I’d always been ok with being a loner in school.  I mean all I talked about were “Trans Am’s” and “feet”, lol.  In the 9th grade, I was experimenting.  I had a really good friend, she was bbwish in her appearance, she was a girly girl.  I talked to her about stuff as you often do with a best friend.  She said she would let me make out with her feet.  Telling me that her feet were always really sweaty.

I had alway thought she was really pretty.  She’d caress my hair while I worshipped her, looking at me in a loving way that really touched me.  I loved her pheromones, and her feet were always slick and wet.  I’d have her stand over me, pressing her feet into my face, the pheromones changed, it was dirty.  That always stuck with me.  I know that overweight women have a time, dating and finding love, more so than some women, less than others.  But I do appreciate imagining them just dominating me.  With my love for massive areolas adding to the delicious mind fuck of it all.

…to be continued.

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