Sayrah Lou Who

Sayrah Lou Who I don’t understand the “black border” thing..  It’s an interesting name as well.  She’s in a relationship, that’s cool ya know.  Idk, I’m kinda on the fence about posting her since the beginnings of her social media page seem a bit personal.  On the other hand unless she’s got a HUGE family, there’s like 22k others that follow her and instagram is for followers, I can mos def hook her up with that.  Usually content creators know that I’m linking to their pages, since there’s a big jump in traffic.  So i’ll let her make the decision.  I love her face, eyes, lips, nose and her makeup, she is so pretty!  I would literally smell the shit out of her feet, haha.  She’s got a great smile if you care to watch the video shorts.  Black bars though, just let insta do it’s thing.  Would look much better imho.

2005 followers @ 7/23

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