Multifluffyness is just everything to me.  I love Love LOVE her look, her makeup is flawless, her outfits are just “WOW” and she really seems like a cool chick.  The kind of cool chick that I would probably fall for in a minute.  I am in awe of her beauty and I’m sure that you are too or you wouldn’t be here on her page, right?  She’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve never seen her before and chances are, you haven’t.

Summer 2022 Update – She looks great!  She’s grown as an artist and I do believe that her tits have grown as well.  I posted 3 updated promotionals of hers.  Remember the content creators newest promotionals are at the top.

See Me
See Me

17.6k followers @ 7/23

Gum Drops

2024 Update

She’s aging very well and is still killing it in the cosplay niche.  I really hope to see her thriving next time i come around!

See Me
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