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Ok, I have been on the internet for a minute.  And I have honestly never seen a site like JuggModels.com before.  The love that this guy puts into it is pretty epic.  Who is he?  His name is Chaz Fontana and man oh man, does this guy have a message.  “I’m sick of seeing the same lame ass bbw tit sucking scenes on websites.  They lick and kiss each others tits, rarely taking multiple pulls off of the other chicks tits.  It’s dumb.”  Well, you know what?  I totally agree with him.  The state of the online Busty BBW scene is pretty sad at best, at this juncture.  That juncture, being 2015.  You all know that it’s piracy that is killing the porn industry, no one gives a fuck, pirates blatantly steal copyrighted porn content like it’s going out of style and it is killing the porn industry.

To combat that, Jugg Models is a streaming only site.  If you want to buy movies to download you have to buy them individually through clips4sale.  The link is here Jugg Models Clips 4 Sale.  And the movies are 720p, which is a far cry from the 11 mb/sec 1080p streaming that he has on his site.  And Jugg Models is a fast site.  I had no problem with buffering when I was switching the play progress dial all over hell and back and that’s really saying something.  As far as the content, the images are huge.  Over 3500 pixels per image, and you have the option to download the HD images and HD Videocapture sets to your heart content.  The only thing that you won’t be able to download are the movies.  I was going to give him shit about it, but when I hear that he has had sites go out of business because of piracy in the past, man, I can only feel for the guy and I’m totally cool with streaming in that case, because I’m not a heartless asshole.

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As far as the content, there are libraries, as he calls them, for Busty Babes, Busty BBW’s, Huge Areolas, Lesbian Tit Worship and HD Videocaptures.  There are over 30 different models on the site right now and more on the way.  He has never missed a weekly update yet, and I have been a member of this site since he started back in September.  The lesbian tit worship, that this site is known for, are all over 30 minute movies broken up into 10 minute clips.  There are 8 different lesbian tit worship sets in the library with more on tap.  And I love his style of shooting.  Always going for the maximum jackoffability with each and every set.  This guy is going places.  And sites like his, are what we are all about.

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