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Brooke Barrows seems to be christian just like me, so thats kinda cool.  While I was checking out her posts, I saw one that caught my attention.  So here at Busty BBW Porn, I mean, I’m not posting hardcore sex or anything.  I hope I’m not objectifying creators, it’s not my intention really.  I am a foot fetishist, I love the way that pretty women’s feet smell.  So I know I drone on about that alot, but I digress.  Also love God, there is definitely a battle going on right now with good against evil.  I also believe we are in the “end times”.  Society is horrible, people are horrible.  I think God is a cooler entity than most would think.  Do I get a pass for being one of the largest creator directory owners on the net? no, but I’m driven.  Basically I just want to let people know stuff about the creator like image quality, settings and backgrounds, stuff like that so I hope i’m not offensive by getting you some traffic?  I also love christians so I’d kinda rather post you anyways.  I am melding the mainstream with the erotic, as far as surfers, we’re all in the same family, so yep.  Thats what my concepts are about.   Please enjoy the traffic. :).  I’d really love to smell your feet sometime, out of respect of course.  If you don’t want to be here, just mail me  or dm me on social and you’ll be off same day. ( actually you’ve been indexed here since 2021, nevermind :)). Ok I just saw the video, just delete your account, you can’t put this all on a bunch of strangers (surfers).  Just checked your stats, i’ve personally sent you over 20k visitors, so I had a part in your follower account, soo yeah.  You can’t have it both ways.  And yes, compare to this scene, you’re a freaking Goddess.  True story.

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