Bea Heart

Bea Heart is fucking gorgeous!!  I would want to worship this woman all day long, if given the chance, she literally shits perfection imho.  She’s also a “must see” and I’m only like on the third row of her social media.  Please God, let there be some pics of her feet, please, please.  OMG she’s everything!  This is one of the many reasons why Busty BBW Porn came to be.  For living Gods like this one.  ..Yeah, her feet are so “smellable”.  Yum!

Summer 2022 Update – I still love this girl, she’s everything that’s pretty in this world.  Also thank you so much for the promotionals that have your feet in them.

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345k followers @ 7/23

Gum Drops

2024 Update

Awww my precious Bea still doing her thing, aww.  She’s even more heavenly now, i wish the images weren’t so blurry, but i’m just happy she’s still online.

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